Helped our organization and brought a sense of clarity in our direction at a time of confusion and transition.

Before I worked with Parvez, I was in between careers and didn't know where or what I wanted to do. He helped me realize over the course of four months what I wanted to do with my life and what my major goals were and how to achieve them. He also helped me recognize what my driving factors are, and now I can say that I am running a successful business of my own. I know what motivates me and what my essence truly is so I can be productive and live a happy, fulfilled life.

Parvez looks at the grinding gears in your brains, exercises suggestions, and allows you to grease your own gears with positive, forward-looking thought.

Parvez encourages and challenges you to break down your current status quo and requires you to think past today and into tomorrow.

Parvez cares about your path and permits you to fall in head first as well as stumble through the process of life coaching. He makes a difference.

A week filled with hope, support, comfort, and most importantly, education.

I enjoyed my time with Parvez.  I came to him with a set goal and short time frame. He ewas able to help manage through a challenging barrier to ind a a space to understand how I was hindering my personal and professional process. Through his active listening and his process, we shared quality time to meet my needs.  It was exactly was I wanted from a coach.

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