Within organizations, the sage helps individuals to develop a vision and a global perspective. Organizations call upon the sage when they must (re)identify a purpose and a mode of being.

Chrysalis | Empowerment for Non-Profits

From my heart…More than anything in the world, I want you to know a deep love for yourselves that also permeates the world around you, so that you propel humanity into an era of unmatched peace and prosperity.But first, you must stop being “right” about your certainties and judgments and start engaging in open conversations with both those closest to you and those with very different ideas, even when they feel it is futile to do so.

Board Retreat Itinerary + Scheduling

Just about every Board of Directors or Board of Trustees of any type of organization (for- or non-profit) gathers together on some kind of regular basis to discuss the policies and administration of their beloved organization. On an annual or biennial basis, the Board goes on a retreat together. What usually happens at this Board Retreat is more of the usual business, just at a deeper level of conversation. So, if you, as a member of your Board, have been raising the issues you encounter in your non-profit, the annual Board Retreat becomes an opportunity to have longer discussions about those same topics..

Personal Coaching Services

At some point in your life (probably several) you will need a Coach. You will want someone to hear you, to understand you, and to give you feedback on you – on who exactly it is that you have been for years, what role you have been playing, and just how to change in a direction and manner acceptable to you. This point in your life may be because you are leaving or starting a job; you are getting into or out of a marriage; you are dealing with stressors in your organization that have you stumped on a way forward; or you may be dealing with a new promotion that has you scared of letting down your superiors..

Business Coaching Services

Our non-profit organizations today are in trouble.75% of non-profit executive directors plan to leave their jobs within five years; nearly 70% claim they are underpaid; and this is happening in a sector with shifting regulatory concerns, both at the federal and state level. The truth is, it is so difficult to begin and sustainably operate a non-profit organization in today’s world that it is hard to see the cards as anything but stacked against you..