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More than anything in the world, I want you to know a deep love for yourselves that also permeates the world around you, so that you propel humanity into an era of unmatched peace and prosperity.But first, you must stop being “right” about your certainties and judgments and start engaging in open conversations with both those closest to you and those with very different ideas, even when they feel it is futile to do so.

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I am an Organization Consultant with five years’ experience consulting for various organizations, mainly in the not-for-profit sector. I act as a catalyst for the organization, specifically intending to help the people in that company embrace change and gain clarity about their work.  

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Why the name?

The sage is one who searches for a broader truth, challenging us to be authentic. This includes, but goes beyond, intellectual knowledge, to the reality created by our behavior and emotions. Within organizations, the sage helps individuals to develop a vision and a global perspective. Organizations call upon the sage when they must (re)identify a purpose and a mode of being. The sage understands that empowerment is not doing for others, but helping them do for themselves.